A recent development in the surgical treatment of patients presenting with hoarseness is now being offered.

Select patients who, after video assisted nasendoscopy, are found to require surgery on their voice box, can now have this done with a revolutionary new anaesthetic technique.

This entails specialised high flow oxygen delivered through nasal prongs whilst the patient is asleep. Using this technique, a special airway tube, that is usually put through the voice box to help the patient breathe, is not needed.

This means there is nothing obstructing the view of the voice box during the operation. This equates to far better visualization and surgical access to the throat and voice box.

This is a “game changer” and allows unobstructed surgical views of the voice box for a prolonged period ensuring the best surgical outcome possible.

Dr Farrell will be very happy to discuss this with patients.

Please contact Dr Farrell’s rooms for further details.